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New Status Colors PRO for Jira

by MrAddon® by TecnoFor


Server & Datacenter


This addon give the possibility to add a color to issue status at Glance

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With this Jira 9 Server/Datacenter add-on, your Jira users will live in a full-color world! ... more beautiful than the usual and bored "blue", "yellow", "green" in the statuses of the issues. The colorization is done in the Issue Search View screen, in the Issue Screen, in the Jira Dashboard gadgets, Jira Service Management queues and Customer Portal. With this plugin your Jira will looks like a pretty amazing software!. The list of colors that this plugin allows are the entire HTML common color name values.Ā Take a Look inside the entire list of color names

Now compatible with the plugin "Kanban Gantt (jgantt) for Jira"Ā 

Now compatible with the plugin ā€œALM Structure for Jiraā€ Since version 4.2.21

Now compatible with "Atlassian Advanced Roadmaps/Plans" Since version 4.4.0

Since version 4.2.20 New Status Colors (FREE) plugin features are included in PRO version

šŸ‘‰Ā Summary video (2 minutes):

Install addon

Follow the classic way to install using the Find new apps, as shown below


General Configuration

We can set new color for own states easily. Just put the right color code (we can discover the right color code from this page, where there is a great explanation of all colors ) inside the Description field as show on following images: (put the colorname in lowercase and between parenthesis in the description)

example: (red), (orange) (springgreen), (black),ā€¦


Just select Search for Issue menu and result will be visible in:

šŸ‘‰ Issue Search View screen

šŸ‘‰ Issue Screen

šŸ‘‰ Jira Dashboard

Kanban Gantt compatibility

Addon is compatible with Kanban Gantt and the task bars will be shown by status-colors.

Calendar view inside addon

Since version 4.1.1 a Calendar View inside Projects and a Calendar Dashboard Gadget is available, where we can get an overview of the situation at any time.

In order to be able to activate this view, the tasks in the project must have the DueDate value set. In this case we have the possibility to display a calendar with this information with colors based on the status color.

As shown in the following GIF, we can display the calendar by selecting, from the left-hand sidebar, the Add-ons item and from there the new Calendar item.

The calendar view can be switched on or off. Simply activate or deactivate it, as shown in the following GIF:

(disable the module ā€œIssue Calendar Panelā€ inside the Status Colors add-on/license screen)

Just enable/disable the module : Issue Calendar Panel in Manage App Section.

An interesting trick

Since Jira 8, Atlassian overrides the status description and replaces the color for the standard one in the standard statuses. This is a problem? NO (smile) We are lucky and there is a trick to change the color in Jira 8 also for those situations. It and it's easy!

Just use the Translate status button

insert the color code in description

the result is ā€¦.

Migration path from Jira Server to Jira Cloud

If you use the migration tool of Atlassian, the migration of New Status Colors PRO from Jira Server to Jira Cloud is automatic

Jira 9 new Issue View workflow ā€œbuttonā€

Experimental version compatible with Jira 9 is already released

Jira 9 Service Management Queues & Customer Portal

The new experimental version of Jira 9 is compatible with the Jira Service Management Queues and the Customer Portal!

Audit Transitions and Time in status IssueView Panels (by Jira Users & Admins)

      • With these new superpowers you will be able to see all the information you need within the Issues: AĀ Transitions panelĀ to track and audit ticket transitions, anotherĀ panel with the most relevant TransitionsĀ and a last panel with theĀ time spent grouped by statusĀ (Time in status). In addition, you will see the statuses in full color if your browser extension is activated!

šŸ‘‰ Audit Transitions Panel

šŸ‘‰ Grouped Transition Panel

šŸ‘‰ Time in Status Panel

Use the ā€œMenuā€ Icon (near the panel title) to change the panel view

Auditing a ticket will now be a simple task

šŸ‘‰ Troubleshooting: (by Jira Users & Admins)Ā 

This section does not apply to versions after 5.0.0 of the plugin, as it has been resolved internally and we have removed the button from the user preferences section.

      • The first time the plugin is installed in our favorite browser, the system loads the list of statuses and colors in a browser cookie, in this way, it does not make a call to Jira every time there is a status to shown. For this reason we use a cache in form of cookie, named: StatusColorsv2

      • If your admin change or modify or add new statuses and colors, probably the cookie will be outdated and must be refreshed. In that case, go to your Personal Profile page of Jira and click in the large named button ā€œclick here to reload NewStatusColorsPRO Cacheā€¦ā€

Release Notes

  • 14-08-2023 New Features:
    • New Audit Transitions and Time in status IssueView Panels.
    • Removed the button from the user preferences section, now the colors cache refresh automatically.
  • 22-06-2022 New version compatible with new Issue View of Jira 9

  • 01-07-2022 New version compatible with Jira 9 Service Management Queues and Customer Portal

  • 04-07-2022 All the features of New Status Colors (free) plugin are now included in New Status Colors PRO (autocolorization of WAITING/PENDING/ON HOLD statuses in ā€œorangeā€ and CANCEL/CANCELLED/DENY/DENIED/REJECTED statuses in ā€œredā€) since version New Status Colors PRO version 4.2.20 (for Jira 9). Since now, NewStatusColors FREE plugin can be uninstalled.

  • 05-07-2022 ā€‹Now compatible with ALM Structure plugin views

  • 16-12-2022 New features:
    • ā€‹- Workflow statuses are now in full-color spectrum

      - Board columns statuses areĀ now in full-color spectrum

      - Improved cache of colors, now in localstorage instead of cookies

      - Improved compatibility with Structure App

  • 28-02-2023 New features:
    • ā€‹Now compatible with "Atlassian Advanced Roadmaps/Plans" Since version 4.4.0


  1. Anonymous

    Only one issue is getting the colors - all other issues (even same issue type in same project) do not show the color changes in Jira 9.0

  2. Anonymous

    Correction - it only works if the issue is shown on the <jiraURL>/browse/ISSUE-1 link.

  3. Anonymous

    It does not work when I access it via <jiraURL>/projects/ISSUE/queus/issue/ISSUE-1 link

    1. Unknown User (


      We ask if you have followed all the sections specified on handbook. If so, could you open a ticket using and add screenshots with all details? So we can examine and check using a Jira 9.

      Thanks in advance

    2. Hello, yes, the queues preview of the issue and the status colorisation in this view donā€™t work at this moment (but we are working to fix it for the new Jira 9)

  4. Anonymous

    It is also not working in Customer Portal

    1. Thanks for the new feature request! We will try in new Jira 9 to add the new feature (smile)

  5. Anonymous

    How to stop autocolorization like On Hold in orange and Cancelled in red?Ā 

    1. Hello! The only way at this moment is overriding the color using as example in the "On Hold" status description "(orangered)" or other color.

      In the near future we will improve the App and we will add also config settings to disable the automatic colors (heritage of New Status Colors plugin)

      Let us know if you have more doubts! Thanks!

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