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Easy Kanban Roadmap (formerly Kanban Gantt)

by MrAddon® by TecnoFor


Jira Server (Free) & Datacenter (Paid)


Generate a Gantt graph directly from your Board

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This addon provide a great feature: directly from your board, you can create a GANTT view of your project.

šŸ‘‰Ā See this video to know more:

Install addon

After download the JAR, install using the link in Manage apps page, search addon as show in following GIF (Install the license if you are in Jira Datacenter or generate 30 days trial license)


Global Configuration

No global configuration is needed. Just follow the Project configuration show in Usage paragraph.

Usage in Jira Datacenter (Paid version)

Since december of 2023, exist a Paid commercial version of the App with those new features:

šŸ‘‰ The Gantt extract all the issues of the configured Issue filter of the Kanban board (that means, closed issues will appear in the Gantt)

šŸ‘‰ The Gantt is now editable. That means you can drag and drop or extend a task in the Gantt and the dates will be saved, also you can link tasks between with the relation/link-type selected in the header dropdown.

šŸ‘‰ The Gantt is now exportable. That means you can export the Gantt chart in different formats: Microsoft Project, PNG, iCAL, Excel, PDF.

šŸ‘‰ The Gantt is now full-colored. That means the task colors are based in the Epic colors assigned to the Issues represented in the Gantt chart.

šŸ‘‰ The Gantt task has status visible. That means you can see a new column that represent the current status of the task/Issue and it's compatible with the App New Status Colors PRO for Jira Datacenter

šŸ‘‰Ā A new menu will appear in the Kanban board settings to define the Gantt settings: The Aggregate field (usually "Assignee"), Start date (usually Creation date), End date (usually Updated date) and Link type (usually Blocks)

šŸ‘‰Ā And more excellent features pending to come!Ā 

First step, go to your Kanban board in Jira and click in "Board" ā†’ "Settings" and select the "Easy Kanban Roadmap" tab.

Configure the fields: The Aggregate field (usually "Assignee"), Start date (usually Creation date), End date (usually Updated date) and Link type (usually Blocks)

Second step, go to your Kanban board, and in the board-header-menu click "Easy Kanban Roadmap" to display the Gantt chart

Third step, once displayed the Gantt chart, select the scale: Day,Week,Month,Quarter,Year.

Drag issues or extend tasks dates, now the Gantt chart isĀ editable! The new dates are stored automatically ( Important note: the read-only system dates like Created, Updated, Resolved cannot be overriden)

Link issues between directly from the chart using the link type dropdown Linktype. Export the Gantt or print it to most famous formats: Microsoft Project, PDF, PNG, iCal Excel...

Usage in Jira Server (Free version)

Before use the addon, configure the project-board following those easy steps:

šŸ‘‰ define 3 fields necessary for the addon, as show in following image in the Card layout section of the settings of your usual Kanban board:

šŸ‘‰ The first field must be some field to make the Group By hierarchy in the Gantt, for example, you can use the system field ā€œassigneeā€œ.Ā 

šŸ‘‰ As second field you can use ā€œCreatedā€ system field or an ā€œStart dateā€ custom field (created by you previously in Jira),

šŸ‘‰ As third field you can use ā€œDue Dateā€ or ā€œResolvedā€ or ā€œUpdatedā€ system fields or an ā€œEnd dateā€ custom field (created by you in Jira)Result

After this, feature icon is enabled

and this is the result once you click on it.

Integration with MrAddon Apps

Gantt is well integrated with MrAddon Apps, like:

Kanban Combined WIP for Jira (Server)

New Status Colors PRO for Jira Server

New Status Colors for Jira Server

Issue Card Printer for JIRA Server

If Kanban Combined WIP for Jira (Server) is installed in own instance, itā€™s possible configure JGantt directly from Board configuration in order to store the new Dates of the tasks, just using dragā€™nā€™drop through the Gantt Diagram. Just select BOARD ā†’ Configure

and the new menu item is available on the left: Kanban Gantt Configuration.

and itā€™s possible configure the JGantt option directly. If Kanban Combined WIP for Jira (Server) is not installed, follow the previous paragraph description for the configuration.

Thatā€™s all? of course no.

As a new feature, if you modify the Gantt, Start Date and End Date Field are automatically modified. As shown:

šŸ‘‰ starting from this:

šŸ‘‰ do the action shown:

šŸ‘‰ and the result is:

The issue start date modification on the JGantt is reported in tasks.

If New Status Colors PRO for Jira Server is installed in own instance, in JGantt is present a new option

just select this new option and ā€¦.

If New Status Colors for Jira Server is installed in own instance, we have the same effect.

If Issue Card Printer for JIRA Server is installed in own instance, in JGantt is present another option

just select the desired option and itā€™s possible print (smile)

As you read, the plugin is and will be always Open Source and collaborators all welcome always of course! For any type of suggestion or issues/bugs you can contact in our Customer Portal

Release Notes

Ravi Sagar review of addon on his youtube channel.

Add integration with Issue Card Printer for JIRA Server

Add integration with New Status Colors PRO for Jira Server

Add integration with Kanban Combined WIP for Jira Server

Kanban Gantt is now Easy Kanban Roadmap (formerly Kanban Gantt) and is a commercial paid App for Datacenter with new features.

New feature: Gantt export to Microsoft Project and changes in User Experience


  1. Here some extra info about the Kanban Gantt plugin, integrations, possible solution to incidences, languages accepted, date formats accepted, cookies, etc:

    1. Unknown User (

      Take a look now if itā€™s ok (smile)

  2. Anonymous

    The date format and the three required fields are configured by document, but disabled is still promptedļ¼Œ What should I doļ¼Ÿ
    ļ¼ˆęŒ‰ę–‡ę”£é…ē½®äŗ†ę—„ęœŸę ¼å¼å’Œäø‰äøŖåæ…é”»ēš„å­—ę®µļ¼Œä½†ę˜Æčæ˜ę˜Æꏐē¤ŗdisabledļ¼ŒčÆ·é—®ę€Žä¹ˆåŠžļ¼‰

    1. Hello, try to install the previous version of the plugin 4.1.0 (instead of the latest version 4.2.1) from here:

      We have detected a bug in the new version formatting dates in old Jiraā€™s ( example: Jira 7.4 ), is your case?

      Let us know if this workaround solves the problem, we are working to solve the bug this week


      1. Anonymous

        yesļ¼Œmy version is 7.4.2ļ¼ŒNow I use plugin 4.1.0 and successļ¼

        1. Perfect! Thanks for notice us, we will fix the problem in the next release version

          Sorry the inconveniences and have a nice day! :D

          1. Anonymous

            I have the same issue described. Also installed plugin v.4.1.0 but the problem persist.

            1. Hello, please open a new ticket to us using this link:


              Also please send us some screenshots and info about plugin version and Jira version (and your locale/language of your profile, and the Date/time format you use in Jira)


  3. Anonymous

    helloļ¼Œmy Jira version is 8.4.1,now using zhe lastest plugin ,but the button show disabled;

    i reinstall plugin 4.3.1,but it does not work.

    so ,i reinstall plugin 4.1.0,it works!

    1. Hello! Thanks for the information we will investigate the case but probably is something about date-formats or region language.

      Please try to install latest version of Kanban Gantt plus Kanban Combined WIP plugin (it adds an extra Gannt config page in the Kanban boards settings page) and let us know if in this case works

      Please also contact with us in the support portal to follow the case

      Many thanks!

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