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Support Admin Tools for Jira

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Jira 9 Server & Datacenter


Automatize some typical admin actions

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With this Jira add-on your Jira Administrators will be more happier! This is an extension for your Jira to automatize some typical admin actions, like search for custom field and know the customfield_id, for workflow, for IssueType, to copy/paste and duplicate settings in customfield config, to put fields in multiple screens in the same tab, to hide IssueTypes with 0 tickets in workflow & issuetype schemes migrations... very useful sure! We use it each day! No configuration is needed; only install it, that's all! Plug'n'play.

You will be able also to put a banner countdown for maintenance purposes!Ā 

Since february of 2023 Enlarge Excel Export for Jira features are included in Support Admin Tools

Since march of 2023 we can customize the IssueView Layout (expanding text-field multiline customfields or Table Grid customfields). You can also expand and collapse the right-panel of the IssueView to enalrge the width of the text-fields or Table-Grid fields

šŸ‘‰Ā Summary video (2 minutes):

Install addon

After download the JAR, install using the link in Manage apps page, search addon as show in following GIF


General Configuration (by Jira Admin) IssueView customfield Layout settings

There is an additional functionality in the global configuration, which allows to expand text field multiline fields and is also compatible with Grid type fields (Included with the Table Grid addon). The jira admin can select the fields in this section.

To configure go to the Global Configuration page section of the "Manage Apps" Admin config and select the fields and click in "Save" button

Now take a look to some Issues of the system to see if all works, basically you will see the field exapnded in the IssueView Layout.

Now you can click in ">>" button in top-right part of the screen and collapse the right-panel of the IssueView. Click again in "<<" to expand the right-panel in the IssueView

To disable this new feature, go to the Manage Apps section and select the Support Admin Tools App and expand its modules.

Disable the modules: "entrypoint-issueViewRightSidebarCollapsible" and "Issue View Collapsible Button"


This addon add a special button on top right

This button is provided in :

Issue type

We can search quickly own issue type and reference information we need.


we can search own workflow


The same operation is possible for screen too


In this case, addon adds quick link to each field for quick reference every action.


This addon add a special feature for Banner. We can set a countdown with few click.

Most important features

Another important feature of this addon is the possibility of copy/paste contexts of Custom Fields. Itā€™s very easy. Follow me and I will explain all secrets (big grin)

This GIF describe how arrive to the right Jira configuration page ( New UI experience change all (tongue) )

As we see, Addon add new functionalities after click the button: JiraSupport

    • Load Projects

    • Load Types

    • Save Types Options

    • Save Project Options

Once select the new configuration, just Save Type Options and Save Project Options to save (See the previous GIF).

Another great features is a great help for Workflow migration. Let me explain. If you change the Workflow Scheme, out-of-the-box wizard list all issue type, also issue type not used or involved in migration.

The following youtube video describe the result:

Well, using addon we can reduce the list of issue type to only involved in migration. So we can be focused in real work. This is a great result.

Enlarge Your Excel Export feature

Just create a export for more than 10,000 issues as shown in following GIF:

As we see, a new entry is present in Export menĆ¹. After select own issues, well we can select this new entry and extract own Excel. Html format can be managed both with browser and Excel.

(*) JIRA can be configured to increase the limit or bypass it altogether.

Here is a brief explanation of each configuration property:

  •Ā -Ā This is the maximum value of issues exported by default when exporting/requesting a search result.

  •Ā -Ā This defines the maximum limit for all users, regardless of modifications on the referred URL. (or with the plugin Enlarge Excel Export)

  •Ā -Ā This property sets up a group that will be able to request an unlimited number of issues on a search result.Ā 

You can use these configuration properties to override the default behavior. This is done by editing a file in yourĀ JIRA Home Directory, "".

  1. First, if theĀ jira-config.propertiesĀ file does not exist in yourĀ JIRA Home DirectoryĀ then create it.

  2. Add the override properties to the config file. Example:Ā
    1. Restart JIRA.
      The example configurationĀ increases the default result limit to 1500 issues. Users can modify URLs to export up to 2000 records. Members of theĀ jira{{-administrators}}Ā group canĀ modify URLs to export an unlimited number of records


A great Addon (big grin)

Videos and Resources

Here some video about addon. Enjoy.

How to know the ID of a customfield, resolution, status, etc for Jira

How to put a countdown in the Announcement banner of Jira

Jira Server workflow migration help!! Using Support Admin Tools plugin

Release Notes

  • 2022-08-25 ready new version compatible with Jira Datacenter (Atlassian standards approved)

  • 2023-01-22 "Enlarge Your Excel Export for Jira" App features are now included in "Support Admin Tools for Jira Datacenter" because the end of Jira Server
  • 2023-03-17 we can customize the IssueView Layout (expanding text-field multiline customfields or Table Grid customfields). You can also expand and collapse the right-panel of the IssueView to enalrge the width of the text-fields or Table-Grid fields

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