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New Status Colors PRO for Jira Cloud

by MrAddon® by TecnoFor



This plugin provides the ability to add a color to the statuses of Jira Cloud issues at a glance

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With this Jira Cloud add-on, your Jira users will live in a full-color world! ... more beautiful than the usual and bored "blue", "yellow", "green" in the statuses of the issues. The colorization is done in the Issue Advanced Search View screen, in the Jira Dashboard gadgets and the Jira Service Management queues and Customer Portal, Roadmaps and Plans. With this plugin your Jira will looks like a pretty amazing software!. The list of colors that this plugin allows are the entire HTML common color name values.  Take a Look inside the entire list of color names

👉 More info in this video:

Very Important:

A plugin must be installed in your favorite browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are compatibles.

First: install the addon (by a Jira Cloud Admin)

Follow the classic way to install using the Find new apps in the Atlassian Marketplace, as shown below


Second: configure the colors in the status description (by a Jira Cloud Admin)

We can set new color for own states easily. Just go to the Global Admin section of Jira to edit the Jira Statuses.

Edit some Status and put the right color code (we can discover the right color code from this page, where there is a great explanation of all colors ) inside the Description field as show on following GIF: 

example: In the global “Status” standard config page of Jira, put in the status description “(black)” or “(springgreen)” or “(pink)”… always the name of the color in lowercase in parentheses

Next steps: install the addon in your favorite browser (by Jira Users)

After this, the following pictures show us how deploy the Chrome/Safari/Edge/Firefox extension:

( In your Jira Cloud, go to “Apps” → “NewColors!”)

A page will open where you must click the "Download your app" button

A new window will appear to warn that it is an external link. Click on continue

Directs you to the browser's web store. Add the plugin to the browser

Usage (by Jira Users)

Just select Filters → Advanced Issue Search and result will be visible in:

👉 Advanced Issue Search View screen

👉 Issue Screen Only for Server/Datacenter Version

👉 Jira Dashboard Gadgets

👉 Jira Service Management Queues

Note: In large queues use the mouse “scroll” to reload the status color

👉 Jira Software Project Issues View

👉 Jira Team-managed projects Views and new Workflows!

Audit Transitions and Time in status IssueView Panels (by Jira Users & Admins)

    • With these new superpowers you will be able to see all the information you need within the Issues: A Transitions panel to track and audit ticket transitions, another panel with the most relevant Transitions and a last panel with the time spent grouped by status (Time in status). In addition, you will see the statuses in full color if your browser extension is activated!

👉 Audit Transitions Panel

👉 Relevant Transitions Panel

👉 Time in Status Panel

Use the “Menu” Icon (near the panel title) to change the panel view

Auditing a ticket will now be a simple task

Troubleshooting (by Jira Users & Admins)

    • If your admin change or modify or add new statuses and colors, probably the cookie will be outdated and must be refreshed. In that case, click Ctrl+Shift+Reload in your browser and the cache of status-colors will be refreshed.

Release Notes

  • New version 4.3 compatible with Jira Service Management Queues and more things coming soon!

  • 04-07-2022 New version with colors in status-buttons in all views of Jira Software and Service Management

  • 04-07-2022 New Status Colors (FREE) plugin features are now included in PRO version for Cloud

  • 05-07-2022 Now compatible in the Jira Service Management Customer Portal

  • 27-07-2022 Now compatible with Workflow view and edit mode, Roadmaps and Plans (for Jira Cloud Premium users)

  • 10-08-2023 Now is compatible with Apple Safari browsers
  • 10-08-2023 New "Transitions" panel inside the tickets to track time spent between transitions also Time in Status spent (the are 3 different views inside the panel)
  • 08-11-2023 Now is compatible with Jira Work Management projects and the new enhanced boards backlog in Jira Software projects 
  • 27-02-2024 New compatibilities:
    • See the new colors in your statuses of the Team-managed projects
    • You can see the new colors in the new generation of Workflows!
    • New colors in the new Jira enhanced backlog
    • New colors in the Jira Service Management boards
    • New colors in the Releases page of Jira Software
    • You can see the new colors in the Timelines /Roadmap pages
    • New colors in the Jira Business projects
    • Colors in Jira Service Management queues
    • C o l o r s e v e r y w h e r e !


  1. Anonymous

    The GIFs are of too bad quality to make a difference between {} and () …. the video shown in the Atlassian Marketplace shows {} but apparently this is not true anymore… moreover between the documentation for Server, Cloud, Free, Pro versions, this makes for a very confusing plug in documentation… We uninstalled it already.

    1. Unknown User (

      Thanks for the comment. We will rebuild GIF with better quality and no doubt.

  2. Anonymous

    We are using Jira Service Management (next-gen) and I am not seeing a way to do any way to edit a status. Is this add-on not compatible with the next-gen project?

  3. Anonymous

    It looks like it doesn’t work. I just installed it, tested it on a status with “(black)” in the the description but the color won’t change. Tried other colors and statuses but no result.

    1. Hello, the status colorisation is visible in the column “Status” of the “Advanced Issue Search View”, “Jira Service Management Queues” and “Jira Dashboard gadgets” (a plugin must be installed in the browser like say the documentation, just go to “Apps” → “NewColors!” to install the plugin in Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge or Firefox).

  4. Anonymous

    so this only works in the advanced issue search and not the Queues and New Issue View?

    1. Hello, it only works (in Jira Cloud) in the “Advanced Issue Search”, in “Dashboards Gadgets” and “Jira Service Management Queues”. The colorisation is not supported in Queues.

  5. Anonymous

    Why are the videos on this page such low quality. If you can't make clear instructional videos, why would anyone have confidence that you can write a decent app?

  6. Anonymous

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  7. Anonymous

    It would be nice to have the text color customizable as well!thumbs up  By default the gray/blue/green tags have dark gray/dark blue/dark green texts, which looks pretty harmonious. The New Status Color use black/white text, which seems somehow odd especially in light background and black text.

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